The Challenge

In the spirit of self-improvement and with a deep love for personal challenges, I asked 30 people from different parts of my life to each set me a task to achieve by the time I hit 30, on 22 April 2017.

Here’s what I asked them …

… and here’s how they answered.

You can catch updates about individual tasks by clicking the links below.

  1. Make your own dress
  2. Get naked in public
  3. Celebrate your awesomeness
  4. Read Middlemarch
  5. Learn to breakdance
  6. Stand up on a surfboard
  7. Learn to ride a horse
  8. Learn a song on an instrument you don’t already play
  9. Chill out/unplug once a month
  10. Get your Tarot read (formerly Walk from London-Brighton)
  11. Create a graphic novel
  12. Sing solo karaoke
  13. Walk the Norwegian fjords
  14. Show some gratitude
  15. Research your family tree
  16. Write a children’s story
  17. Brew your own beer
  18. Learn to drive
  19. Talk to strangers
  20. Listen to 30 albums from around the world
  21. Enter a photography competition
  22. Learn two guitar duets
  23. Become a master chef
  24. Lie down in public
  25. Send nice letters to random addresses
  26. Stop swearing for 100 days
  27. Knit or crochet something to wear
  28. Dye your hair a crazy colour
  29. Become a YouTube star
  30. Busk

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