Clever men dancing

“Men and women make sad mistakes about their own symptoms, taking their vague, uneasy longings sometimes for genius, sometimes for religion, and oftener still for a mighty love.”

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Update: 111 days in

Time for a quick update on the 27 remaining challenges.

The Good

Make your own dress – as I don’t own a sewing machine and can’t even stitch a button I’m putting myself in the hands of the experts at Manchester’s Junk Shop. They run beginners dressmaking courses in the Northern Quarter, I’m booked in for a weekend in September.

Stand up on a surf board – dates are in the diary for a trip to Abersoch with Richard and co in October.

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The First Five

first fiveYesterday was my birthday, and I am SO CLOSE to having all of my challenges in place. I have 29 on the table, just waiting for that elusive 30th to land. Here are the first five I received way back in January.

  1. Make Your Own Dress

My first challenge was from the brilliant Copenhagenite and member of the inner circle, Tamara. Pretty self-explanatory, hopefully not too tricky to accomplish and ends up with me having a brand new dress, excellent. My big sis did a dressmaking course a couple of years ago so I will probably solicit her advice as a first port of call. I doubt I’ll manage the dress of dreams but we live in hope.

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