The Art of Lying Down

Cheryl’s challenge was on the more bonkers end of the 30x30x30 spectrum. Simple enough in concept and execution, I’d nonetheless been putting it off because of that pesky public embarrassment fear again, but buoyed by recent events (and Caoimhe’s offer to help me find the perfect spot), we headed off on my lunch break on Wednesday and 30 minutes later I was one step closer to completing the list.  Continue reading


Update: 111 days in

Time for a quick update on the 27 remaining challenges.

The Good

Make your own dress – as I don’t own a sewing machine and can’t even stitch a button I’m putting myself in the hands of the experts at Manchester’s Junk Shop. They run beginners dressmaking courses in the Northern Quarter, I’m booked in for a weekend in September.

Stand up on a surf board – dates are in the diary for a trip to Abersoch with Richard and co in October.

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A triple bill of family challenges to kick off the final 10.

  1. Enter a Photography Competition

This whole 30x30x30 challenge seemed to throw my Mum into a bit of a stress. She sent me numerous messages bemoaning the fact that she had thought of too many options and couldn’t choose between them. For a while I was worried she was going to challenge me to start going to church again (hello, lapsed Catholicism) but luckily for me she’s come up with a corker. I have to take a photograph (any genre is acceptable) and enter it into a photography competition before the end of the year. And in true Mum-style she’ll then get it framed so I have ‘something to remember the year by’. Brilliant. Thanks Mum!

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