Scribble planning


Storyboarding out my graphic novel about robots. That’s the easy bit done then. 


The Art of Lying Down

Cheryl’s challenge was on the more bonkers end of the 30x30x30 spectrum. Simple enough in concept and execution, I’d nonetheless been putting it off because of that pesky public embarrassment fear again, but buoyed by recent events (and Caoimhe’s offer to help me find the perfect spot), we headed off on my lunch break on Wednesday and 30 minutes later I was one step closer to completing the list.  Continue reading

Lessons in bravery

A bumper crop today. Three completed challenges, one blog post (isn’t that a video?).

I’m not a very brave person and it really bugs me. I have friends and colleagues who would jump on stage at the drop of a hat or step into a confrontation to defend the underdog or just…take a chance, go out on a limb, without a second thought.

I have that second thought. And then a third, fourth and fifth. And sometimes I act, but often the moment’s passed before I muster up the guts to make the decision to just be a bit braver. Continue reading

Sing a song of sixpence

Two musical challenges completed, just karaoke to go – and that should be happening this week if I manage to shrug off this horrible cold. I am SMASHING IT.

I was planning to learn a song on the banjo for Jose’s challenge but I ended up borrowing my Dad’s melodeon to make my stage debut at ‘Staff SFX’ – a festive collection of music and poetry performed for the entertainment of the general public by my colleagues at the theatre. Melodeon-playing apparently runs on both sides of the family, something I learnt whilst doing Tracey’s challenge, so it seemed quite appropriate. I’ve stayed firmly on the organisational side of SFX until now, but this year I furthered my nefarious ends by encouraging the formation of a house band and forcing everyone to play Fairytale of New York with me as an opener.

Continue reading