A turn for the mystical

Are you sitting down? Good, because there’s been a change to the challenge list. Calm down, everything will be fine.

After some discussion around health-related practicalities, the lovely Claire changed her challenge (formerly, Walk from London-Brighton) to:

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Update: 111 days in

Time for a quick update on the 27 remaining challenges.

The Good

Make your own dress – as I don’t own a sewing machine and can’t even stitch a button I’m putting myself in the hands of the experts at Manchester’s Junk Shop. They run beginners dressmaking courses in the Northern Quarter, I’m booked in for a weekend in September.

Stand up on a surf board – dates are in the diary for a trip to Abersoch with Richard and co in October.

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  1. Stand up on a Surfboard

Can you surf in contact lenses? Can you surf with zero upper body strength? Can you surf when you have basically no sense of balance and bruise like a peach? All important questions that will be answered this year thanks to a challenge from Richard. With the promise of his expertise and a loan of surfing equipment, I think I’ll be spending a couple of weekends in Abersoch this year, and will eventually become a surfing pro.

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