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Patrick’s has been a really enjoyable challenge. It didn’t have me quaking in my boots or wracking my brains, it just forced me to make space in my day to do something I really enjoy and expanded my knowledge of different musicians and cultures. What a win. Continue reading


Update: 111 days in

Time for a quick update on the 27 remaining challenges.

The Good

Make your own dress – as I don’t own a sewing machine and can’t even stitch a button I’m putting myself in the hands of the experts at Manchester’s Junk Shop. They run beginners dressmaking courses in the Northern Quarter, I’m booked in for a weekend in September.

Stand up on a surf board – dates are in the diary for a trip to Abersoch with Richard and co in October.

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Update: week 1

It’s been a busy old week. I felt like I’d made LOADS of progress on the challenges but I just looked at the full list again and realised how much there is to get through. Yikes. Still, some progress made…


Horse riding is REALLY painful the day after you’ve done it. And it’s also bloody hard. Kat and I went to Wythenshawe Riding Stables on Saturday for my first equestrian experience. I was queasily sceptical before we arrived but due to my nervousness around horses the people at the stables paired me up with Charlie, a ridiculously placid horse who they usually give to (and I quote) “the kids from the special school” because of his stoic and unflappable nature. Charlie was ace.

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  1. Write a Children’s Story

I really love that a lot of the people who’ve set me challenges have said that they’d like to be involved in the carrying-out of them. The truly brilliant Ben, one of my nearest and dearest, is one such. His challenge is for me to write two short stories for children, to which he will contribute a third and some illustrations. What a really, really lovely way to collaborate with friends.

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