The Art of Lying Down

Cheryl’s challenge was on the more bonkers end of the 30x30x30 spectrum. Simple enough in concept and execution, I’d nonetheless been putting it off because of that pesky public embarrassment fear again, but buoyed by recent events (and Caoimhe’s offer to help me find the perfect spot), we headed off on my lunch break on Wednesday and 30 minutes later I was one step closer to completing the list. 

As it was a normal Manchester day (chucking it down) I opted to complete the challenge in the warmth of Manchester Art Gallery. After nervously circling the exhibition like a pair of giggly vultures we parted ways and I assumed the position whilst Caoimhe took some undercover snaps.


Nothing to see here. 

There was a gallery attendant just around the corner but 25 minutes later about 50 people had stepped over/past me to look at the art, one member of the public had ventured a concerned “are you alright?” (“yes thanks!”), but no one had asked me to move.

I gave up the ghost (also, lunch break was nearly over) and left the scene, but not before checking in with the attendant.

“Yes, I did know you were there, and I’d alerted my colleague”
“No, I didn’t feel the need to ask what you were doing”
“Were you filming anything? Because if you were I need you to delete it”

I can’t work out whether the gallery staff are super tolerant or really uncaring – at my theatre a member of staff would have been over in a shot just to check that you were ok, but maybe they have idiots like me draping themselves around the gallery on the reg – is planking still a thing in Manchester?! It almost made me want to try it in other public places to measure the staff response as a social experiment… but thankfully the urge soon went away.

Another one down guys, and another chip taken out of that ‘fear of making a spectacle of myself’ block. Excellent.


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