Crafty Crafty Make Make

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. I haven’t blogged for five months, so sue me. Moving on…

I have now completed NINE WHOLE CHALLENGES!
…but I only have TWO MONTHS LEFT to do the other TWENTY ONE.
I’ll worry about that later.

I managed to complete two crafty challenges from two crafty ladies just after Christmas. I spent that fat-and-lazy period before New Year sat on the sofa learning how to knit and purl (thanks to my Mum and this very cheerful youtuber) and made a cool little headband to keep my ears warm during winter walks, ticking off Sian’s challenge. Some may say that a headband is a cop-out, but it took me so bloody long and I unravelled it so many times and started again that I think I’ve reached my knitting limit. That Fair Isle jumper will have to wait.

After much rescheduling I also went to my dressmaking course at Junk Manchester in January. I enjoyed the experience but I now realise it’s a bit ambitious to try and go from a complete novice with no idea how to thread a sewing machine to finishing a made-to-measure a-line dress in 5 hours. By the end of the session my head was spinning and the rush to do the final few hems was more than a little stressful. Luckily NONE of my hems are straight, so you can’t really tell the difference.

Will I wear the dress? … maybe. It’s a little rough round the edges but once spring hits I think it’ll make an appearance, at least when Tamara’s around…

I love the fact that both of these challenges got me learning new skills and working on something practical with my hands. The knitting was especially great at stopping me from doing one of my worst habits – constantly clicking through my phone whilst watching TV.

At least until the carpal tunnel set in.


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