It’s been an age since I last posted. All of my good intentions melted away in the heat of work/holidays/the new series of Game of Thrones, and I am now woefully behind on both the blog and the challenges. Oops.

Back on track now though and with renewed vigour because I HAVE COMPLETED MY FIRST CHALLENGE! And here’s the photographic evidence to prove it:

Norway 2.jpg

Yes, that’s me and the lovely Anna walking around the Western Fjords of Norway, possibly the most sickeningly beautiful place you’ll ever visit. Don’t we look cool in our zip-off walking trousers.

Unfortunately, due to the stupidity of either us or the Norwegian concept of ‘the summer season’, we went a couple of weeks too early to do the proper hardcore cabin-to-cabin walk which we had planned in our heads, so instead ended up doing day hikes from Bergen. I’m a little disappointed but it gives us something to go back for, once we can afford to spend £22 on a couple of croissants and two cups of tea again. I kid you not.

This challenge definitely broke the ‘low-cost’ rule but it was rolled into a holiday so I’m considering it an investment in my annual mental health. We also discovered some really awesome places in Oslo and Bergen, so if you’re heading that way I’d encourage you to check out Fuglen for the best coffee in Oslo, the Underwater Pub for free opera in a pub filled with fish on a Tuesday night, and Klosteret KaffebarBarBarista and Bastant Stølegaten in Bergen for great food, drinks and folks.

Norway is not somewhere I would have travelled to in the forseeable future if not for this challenge and I had a truly amazing time, so it’s a big win for 30x30x30 so far. A huge THANK YOU to Anna for suggesting it, coming along with me and having my back when the mountains got rough and I slipped and fell on my butt.

1 challenge down, just 29 to go…



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