On to the home stretch. Without further ado…

  1. Stop Swearing for 100 Days

Wtf. This will probably be the hardest of all of the challenges to actually stick to. I get very sweary sometimes, especially at work (and at home… and amongst friends… and when I’m alone…) so I am destined to fail on an almost daily basis. Lucy and I have reached a compromise and set me a penalty to encourage me along the right path – 50p to charity for every f/s/c-bomb to pass my lips. Some lucky charity is going to make a f*king mint this spring.

  1. Knit or Crochet Something to Wear

Sian has been my best friend for years, and over our friendship I have been the lucky receiver of hand knitted scarves, iPad covers, floor cushions (pending) and other crafty delights. I’m pretty bad at crafts and I never have the patience to stick to a project, so I’m looking forward to gaining a new skill and (eventually) enjoying the fruits of my labour. I know Phil (of the Karaoke challenge) is awesome at crochet so perhaps he’ll give me a couple of pointers. I’ve think I’ve already found my inspiration.

  1. Dye your Hair a Crazy Colour

I was SO EXCITED to get this challenge from Laura S on my birthday. She is my oldest friend (I have video evidence of her being a complete loser at my third birthday party) and knows me very well. I’ve always been jealous of people rocking adventurous looks but never had the cojones to do it myself, and now I have the perfect excuse to do, as Laura says, “something everyone in their 20s should do”. Awesome.

  1. Become a YouTube Star

Oh my days. Another one I’m slightly dreading from Tom M and Laura W, aka Team Happy Baby. At least 12 YouTube videos must be recorded and posted online over the year. I don’t even know what YouTube stars DO, but I’m pretty sure it’s something that only those under 21 can do with any aplomb. Get ready for some truly awkward pieces to camera.

  1. Busk

THE FINAL CHALLENGE! Despite a rogue spam folder almost scuppering my plans, Hannes, one of the most talented individuals I have ever met in the rarefied field of dancing like a cowboy, has pulled through just in the nick of time and requested that I go busking for my 30th challenge – either solo or with a group. LET’S FORM A BAND! Any takers? Though how we’ll compete with the rats I don’t know.

SO THAT’S IT. 30 challenges from 30 really, truly brilliant people. Thanks to each of them for being such good sports. I’ll keep you updated on my triumphs and failures through the medium of this self involved, narcissistic blog 🙂


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