A triple bill of family challenges to kick off the final 10.

  1. Enter a Photography Competition

This whole 30x30x30 challenge seemed to throw my Mum into a bit of a stress. She sent me numerous messages bemoaning the fact that she had thought of too many options and couldn’t choose between them. For a while I was worried she was going to challenge me to start going to church again (hello, lapsed Catholicism) but luckily for me she’s come up with a corker. I have to take a photograph (any genre is acceptable) and enter it into a photography competition before the end of the year. And in true Mum-style she’ll then get it framed so I have ‘something to remember the year by’. Brilliant. Thanks Mum!

  1. Learn Two Guitar Duets

My dad is a brilliant self-taught musician and the reason why I picked up the guitar when I was in primary school and learned a bunch of Buddy Holly songs. Over the last few years he’s taken up the classical guitar in a big way and his request for my 30x30x30 is for me to choose a couple of guitar duets for us both to learn and perform for the family at Christmas. This will be a revival of the wildly popular Clewes Family Band c. 1995, where my Dad (guitar/lead vox) and me and my big sis (penny whistles) would traipse round to the neighbours to play Planxty songs at them. Good times.

  1. Become a Master Chef

The famous Big Sis herself. Laura’s challenge, inspired by her current TV obsession, is for me to become a Master Chef; to learn a suitably fancy three course meal and cook it, from memory, for her and Tom. I like that she’s taking an element of risk upon herself/her own digestive tract with this one. I can already make a mean veggie lasagna, so who knows what giddy heights I’ll reach by the end of the year. I’ll definitely be including a buttery biscuit base.

  1. Lie Down In Public

A curious little challenge from my wonderful, inspiring and downright crackers friend Cheryl;

…lie down on your back in the middle of a busy, open public space for as long as you can.

She’s suggesting the Arndale Centre as a location, but a) it’s VERY close to work and b) I don’t want to trigger some kind of a SWAT team response in the 20th anniversary year, so I’ll have a think.

  1. Send Nice Letters to Random Addresses

…until you get one back. A great challenge from Adam, but I’m a little nervous about putting my return address on the letters – shall I get a PO Box like on Blue Peter? In a similar way to Paul’s challenge I wonder if this will make me see the best – or the worst – of the British public. Only time will tell…


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