1. Write a Children’s Story

I really love that a lot of the people who’ve set me challenges have said that they’d like to be involved in the carrying-out of them. The truly brilliant Ben, one of my nearest and dearest, is one such. His challenge is for me to write two short stories for children, to which he will contribute a third and some illustrations. What a really, really lovely way to collaborate with friends.

  1. Brew Your Own Beer

As if ale-fiend Cat would have given me anything else as a challenge. This will be awesome, but I live in an attic flat that is no bigger than a shoebox in south Manchester, so I’m on the lookout for someone else in the locality who might like to join me on this challenge and who has a little more space to play with. Anyone? There’ll be free, possibly disgusting beer in it for you… yummm….

  1. Learn to Drive

Gah. I slightly hate the lovely Leona for this one. Cards on the table, I have failed three driving tests over the last few years and I am now almost 30 and still reliant on friends, family and good old public transport to get me anywhere I need to go. I get it, it’s embarrassing, and something I definitely need to take care of. But I just HATE that bloody test. Begrudgingly, this is exactly what I hoped 30x30x30 would do; push me to do worthwhile things which I am trying desperately to avoid. Time to dust off the theory books and get back behind the wheel. God damn it.

  1. Talk to Strangers

Paul lives in one of the most unfriendly cities on earth, so I feel like this challenge definitely has a touch of schadenfreude about it. I have to engage a stranger in conversation whilst on public transport at least once a week (and twice when I’m in London). Not only will I definitely forget to do this at least once over the year, I may also get HORRIBLY MURDERED. Or meet the love of my life. Either way, I hope you’re happy, Paul.

  1. Listen to 30 albums from around the world

I had a smorgasbord of fantastic options from Patrick but this seemed like the most appropriate:

Listen, in full, to 30 albums of music from 30 different countries in the world. The album must be at least 25 minutes long, and the music in question has to have been made in that country for at least 100 years. So for instance, a 20th/21st century Japanese pop album from Japan does not count, but an album of traditional Japanese folk or classical music does. Again, countries already listened to can be included if you wish (USA, UK, France etc) CELINE DOESN’T COUNT.

I really love Celine Dion. Just FYI.

I’m on the lookout for any recommendations to kick start this particular challenge, answers on a postcard to the usual address.


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