The First Five

first fiveYesterday was my birthday, and I am SO CLOSE to having all of my challenges in place. I have 29 on the table, just waiting for that elusive 30th to land. Here are the first five I received way back in January.

  1. Make Your Own Dress

My first challenge was from the brilliant Copenhagenite and member of the inner circle, Tamara. Pretty self-explanatory, hopefully not too tricky to accomplish and ends up with me having a brand new dress, excellent. My big sis did a dressmaking course a couple of years ago so I will probably solicit her advice as a first port of call. I doubt I’ll manage the dress of dreams but we live in hope.

  1. Get Naked in Public

As soon as Jenny’s challenge hit my inbox I had a mild panic; an email with the subject line “A day ticket will suffice…” and a link to the British Naturist Society’s 2016: Party in the Stark. I shot back some bollocks about having to work that weekend (a lie, sorry Jen, it was an automatic anxiety response) and started regretting the whole challenge. After a bit of thought and talking it through with some ace friends (who have also offered to come with me, it will be a very strange mini-break), it’s now one of my favourite challenges and I think it fits the brief perfectly. Everyone should be comfortable enough within themselves to get naked in public by the time they’re thirty. Right?

  1. Celebrate Your Awesomeness

I got Katell’s response on the way into work on a Tuesday morning and it made me silent-cry at the tram stop. An email filled with warmth and sage advice, I’m not going to share it here but the gist of the challenge is:

I want you to start by writing a list of all the things that make you the awesome lady you are.

Once you’ve done your list (no rush), I would like you to choose either of these two forms to expose your list to the world of friends who will no doubt attend the awesome party you’ll be having for your birthday:

  • A song, composed by yourself, and possibly accompanied on the guitar ? Should you need harmonising, kazoo backup or trumpet solos, I’m your woman. This may be a funny song, but in no case can it be a sarcastic one. The song MUST celebrate your awesomeness
  • A speech, I’m talking TeD talk, flash cards, powerpoint presentation (if you want !), oscar winning speech. Again, there can be humour in your speech, but never at your expense. 

…so anyone who fancies joining me on my thirtieth, there’s that to look forward to…

  1. Read Middlemarch

From cross-stitch wizard Michelle, a nice, easily achievable challenge I am very much looking forward to. Making more time to read the classics has been on my vague list of stuff to do for ages.

  1. Learn to Breakdance

Another one which made me feel slightly sick when I received it, which I’m taking as a good sign. Kate R’s ridiculously well organised email (but of course) contained multiple links to the specific moves she wanted me to learn – a top rock6-step and freeze – plus the offer of help from two of her b-boy mates. The aim is to give me some street cred before I turn thirty, which is a pretty tall order. Oh and I have to perform them somewhere. Gah.

So those were the first five. A nicely eclectic mix of the fun, the useful and the terrifying. And many more to come…


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